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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a collaborative process that can help clarify goals, heal from difficult experiences, build positive coping skills, improve relationships, and become more present overall in your life. 

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is aimed at fostering healthy and meaningful connections. When working with couples the primary focus is to help strengthen the connection, intimacy, and understanding in order to resolve conflicts and destructive patterns. Some couples come for therapy at a crisis point and are grappling with whether or not to stay together. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy specializes in all aspects and issues concerning conflict resolution, effective modes of communication and coping techniques. Family therapy can be used in multiple family settings and is multi-generational. 


Therapy that specializes in all aspects of the Gerontology process, how we age and the issues confronted by the aging population and their caregivers. Caregiver stress is one of the main issues facing families and the result of the stress is caregiver burnout. The process of aging presents many challenges for families, medical and cognitive changes, diseases such as  Parkinson’s and dementia can present stress to the caregiver and we can help you navigate these issues. Due to physical and emotional changes some individuals experience anxiety and depression, we can help you cope with life changes.